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2017-2018 INFORMATION:

BASS Enrollment Flyer 2017-2018


Summer Enrollment Closing

2017 Summer Flyer

Kids Country Sample Schedule Summer 2017

Camp Lynx Sample Daily Schedule Summer 2017

Kids Country Summer Field Trip Calendar 2017

Revised 5/17/17:  Camp Lynx Summer Field Trip Calender 2017

Any changes to these schedules and calendars will be communicated

to you at your summer location.

2016-2017 INFORMATION:

BASS Enrollment Flyer 2016-2017

BASS Field Trips 2016-17

Special Days Information 2016-2017

Parent Handbook 2016-2017

Staff Handbook 2016-2017

BASS Calendar 2016-2017

BASS FAQ’s 2016-2017

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