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2017-2018 INFORMATION:

Spring Break 2018

Enrollment Flyer 2017-2018

Parent Handbook 2017-2018

Before & After School Services Contacts 2017-18

2017-18 FIELD TRIPS Revised 2-15-18

KC Cubbies Field Trips 17-18

3LYNX Field Trips 2017-2018

SummitRise / Late Start Parent Information

Staff Handbook 17-18 Revised 9-6-17


LSR-7 School Counseling – Parent Resources & Information

Change PIN Instructions

FAQ’s 2017-18 School Year

BASS Calendar 2017-2018

Snow Day Letter 2017-2018


Summer Enrollment Closing

2017 Summer Flyer

Kids Country Sample Schedule Summer 2017

Camp Lynx Sample Daily Schedule Summer 2017

Kids Country Summer Field Trip Calendar 2017

Camp Lynx Summer Field Trip Calender 2017

Any changes to these schedules and calendars will be communicated

to you at your summer location.