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Top 5 Memories

Cedar Creek

1.  Lights On Celebration – Once again the Lights On Celebration was a huge hit at Paradise Park.  The weather was great and the kids and staff all had a really great time.

2.  Power Play – Power Play was definitely the kids’ favorite field trip this year. They loved the pizza, rides and games.  According to one child it was, “The Best Day EVER!”

3.  Mrs. Carla and the Kids Monthly Theme Bulletin Board – Every month the kids design their own bulletin board to share with the school.  Their board is located in the cafeteria for everyone to see.  The kids and Mrs. Carla work hard to have a theme and new design for every month.  Parents, teachers and other students have commented on how much they like the bulletin board.

4.  Midwest Foster Kids – Donating toys for Christmas was once again a great success.  Reading the thank you cards from the families really helped hit home as to how much the kids helped others by shopping and bringing toys in for them.

5.  Great Behavior – Cedar Creek Kids Country Kids have had outstanding behavior this year.  The kids are respectful and all get along really well.  We are so lucky to have such awesome kids!


1.  Shuck’s Pumpkin Patch -From the corn maze to the hay ride, from the hay bales to the corn kernel boxes, our kids had a great time!  It was a beautiful day, and they loved picking out their own pumpkins to take home. We all left with great stories to share!

2.  “Mac” the Maverick Mascot -We had a special visit from the Missouri Mavericks CHL team’s mascot, Mac.  He arrived with great enthusiasm and energy, completely igniting excitement in our kids!   They got a chance to ask him questions such as how old he is, what he loves about hockey and his favorite snack.  Everyone even got an official autograph!

3.  Referee Mr. Rold -One of our wonderful parents, Ben Rold, volunteered to give our children a little “101” on refereeing.  In addition to being her parent, he plays a big part in the athletic life of his daughter, Lakin.  He is also very active as a referee throughout Missouri.  And not only did Mr. Rold talk about the importance of a referee’s job, he shared the many character traits – things we learn about in character education throughout the school year that he uses too!

4.  Coca-Cola Can Creations – During one of our full days, our kids made creatures and characters out of empty soda cans.  They ranged from a polar bear with googly eyes, black pom-pom ears and a tail to a penguin with orange feet and beak with black flippers.  We even had one soda-can person with a crown!

5.  Growing Up & Growing Strong -Our kids have been great this year!  It’s hard to choose just one memory when it comes to how much our children at GWE have grown this year, and I’ve been privileged to be part of some amazing moments.  I’ve had a chance to see the kindness, maturity and friendship blossoming in each child, particularly our older kids, who are role models for our young ones.  It’s wonderful to see them grow up strong.

 Hawthorn Hill  

1.  Older Kids Area Grades 4-6 –When the kids noticed we had added it for the school year, they were so excited about having their own area equipped with a Playstation 2 and beanbags.  They also loved the magazines (especially the girls) with all their favorite teen heart-throbs which we hung on the walls and they were later able to take home.  I think it also helped them a lot to interact with kids that they might not otherwise hang around with.

2.  Full Days – On one of our full days we had a day of glamour for the girls, while the boys all hung out with Mr.Cam in the kindergarten class that our principal has graciously let us use for extra room.  There they played Wii, raced cars on their racetrack and just did boy stuff (they loved not having the girls around).  Meanwhile, the did their nails and our hair using the feather barrettes we handmade ourselves.  It was a blast for all of us.

3.  Christmas Around the World – We learned about different countries and their way of celebrating the holidays and the different foods they eat and even some we eat during those days.  We had at least two or more different crafts going on during any given day, and lots and lots of decorations that were displayed throughout the cafeteria.  All the ornaments for our tree were  made by the kids.  At times we thought that the tree might fall over because it was so full!  It was great to see all of the kids enjoying making the ornaments and even our older kids got involved.  The elf on the shelf was also a big hit!  Everyday kids would come in and look for him.  Even kids that were not in kids country would wander in and ask about him.  The kids voted and named him Peppermint, so cute.

4.  Power Play – The kids loved it so much that they didn’t want to leave.  It was a good choice for a field trip!  It was a great time for not only the kids but also the staff.  It was nice to see everyone laughing and enjoying themselves.  I think field trips like Power Play are good for all of our souls every once in a while.  They kids keep asking if we can go again sometime.

5.  Space What a Blast – On one of our last full days, the theme was Space, What a Blast.  The kids made all kinds of crafts including alien masks that they loved wearing. They also did paintings of what they thought an alien looked like.  We had the whole cafeteria decorated with not only the paintings they made but the earth that was made out of coffee filters and markers we sprayed with water and let it dry.  They were awesome. The last thing we did was make a earth piñata filled with all sorts of goodies that we were able to take outside and let everyone have a whack at it until it busted.  Everyone ran to grab some candy including the staff.  It was a great thing to see all their faces with big smiles.  It was a big success.

Hazel Grove  

1.  Boys vs. Girls –We had some great Early Release Days. The most popular one was our Girls vs. Boys Day. The girls got to enjoy a day at the spa getting manicures and pedicures while the boys were busy creating a fantasy football draft.  They felt like you were in the middle of the stock market!  The boys were trading players, making deals, and setting up their teams.  We can’t wait to see who will reign supreme next year!

2.  Winter Olympics – Hazel Grove has enjoyed hosting Mason on full days. February 17th & 20th we held a Winter Olympics: Hazel Grove vs. Mason.  The kids made Olympic Rings, Olympic Torches, Athlete Passes, and Gold Medals.  The kids enjoyed games such as:  Relays, Show Fly, Pop A Shot, Indoor Speed Skating, and Just Dance.  All participants received a certificate and gold medal to take home.

3.  Spring Break – We all survived and had a great time.  We out crafted, out knotted, and out played.  Our guest speaker was great!  He showed us how to set up camp, what supplies we needed, and how to cook using a dutch oven.  It was great to see the student from each school work together to set up their tents and work as a team all week.  Highlights from the campers include:   making the medallions, creating their maps, campfire stories, team chants, and of course the awards.

4.  HGE Newscast – Move over Kansas City newscasters….Hazel Grove has some up and coming talent!  We have created our own news team that delivers the news every Friday morning. The students work all week to deliver the most up to date and breaking news. The newscast is done entirely by the students. They research news from internet, school newsletter, and Kids Country newsletter.  They have created segments such as Kids Country News, School News, Sports and Clubs, Birthdays, Stars of the Month, Interviews, Breaking News and Recalls, and the Weather. Who knows, you may see of them on TV in about 20 years!

5.  Afterschool Program Awareness Day – November 4th-6th was declared Program Awareness Day by our Governor, Jay Nixon.  We want to give a big shout out to the students and staff at Hazel Grove who celebrated with us.  HGE Kids Country sponsored a spirit day.  The class had the most participation of wearing red won an ice cream party!  After tallying the results, there were two classes that had 100% participation.  Kids Country staff and students felt great seeing everyone show their support for Kids Country and Afterschool Programming.  When you walked through the halls that day, it was a sea of red!

Highland Park

1.  Cool Crafts – This year we’ve done some extra cool crafts that the kids have really enjoyed. They created clay boats with twig and leave masts in the fall, 3D paper ornaments and wrapped candy bars that looked like Christmas characters in December, and borax crystal snowflakes in February.

2.  Club Fun – Our staff have planned out some pretty exciting club themes and activities for this year.  Mr. Schreck had a Science Club, and his kids got to make a volcano and potato guns (safe ones J).  Ms. Raven had a very successful sewing club, and the kids got to learn how to make their own pillows and bags.

3.  Character Coins – The children have spent the year trying to get “caught” doing good deeds so they can earn character coins.  At different intervals the kids have earned things like prizes from a prize bin, special snack, iPad play time, and even private parties in the area of their choice.  All of the kids have enjoyed getting some extra privileges and really love having parties!

4.  Older Kid’s Couch – The older kids (4th through 6th) worked really hard in September and October to earn character coins together and make it to their goal of 100 coins, because then they were able to earn a couch for their Older Kid’s Area in the Multipurpose Room.  They made it in record time and got a great couch, where they like to spend their time lounging and playing the Wii.

5.  Special Themed Full Days – The kids have enjoyed a variety of fun full day themes, from “Pirates vs. Ninja’s” to “Minute-to-Win-it.”  We’ve gone on treasure hunts, rescued damsels in distress, played sardines in the empty school and made awesome crafts.  All the kids are looking forward to the last day of school and all the water play games that we plan to have!

Lee’s Summit

1.  Showcasing the Girls Dance Routine – We are fortunate to have a staff member (Ms. Katie) that is in competitive cheerleading.  She rehearsed with the girls for several months and they made invitations and put on a dance routine for the parents. The children, staff and parents loved it!

2.  CoCo Key – This was the children’s favorite field trip of the year! Swimming, sliding down the water slide and laying in the lazy river during the middle of winter.  You can’t beat that!

3.  Rock Family and Village – Thekids lovedpainting the rocks and making rock family people for their rock village.  We had some very unusual rock figures gracing our cafeteria for a few weeks.

4.  Pirate Days – The children and staff dressed up in pirate wear for the January full days.  Each child loved building their ship, designing their Jolly Roger (flag) and receiving a pirate name.  We made treasure chests and went on a treasure hunt throughout the school.

5.  Spring Break Camp Survival – The week was filled with cooperative teamwork activities.  The children made their tents, flags, medallions, campsite maps, talking sticks, clothespin campers and mailboxes to write notes to each other. We had a speaker come and teach us how to use a compass and then we each made a real working compass!  They children made up their team chant and performed them to the group while holding their talking sticks.  The children and staff’s favorite activity of the week were our daily campfire stories and songs which took place in front of our tent and campfire.  The children earned beads for each activity they did during the week which were added to their medallions.  When the last day arrived and the children put on their medallions, they counted their beads to see all they had accomplished.  What a fun filled week of adventure!

Longview Farm

1.  Tuesday Night Clubs – Every 6 weeks we offer new clubs and they’ve been a hit with the kids!  Some of the clubs offered this year were Sports Club, Wii Club, Hula Club, Tumbling Club, Origami Club, String Games Club, Sewing Club, Gardening Club, Team Building Club, Building Blocks Club, Rock Club, Drama Club, Dance Club, Drama Club and X-Factor Club.

2.  Team Building – Our own Ms. Clarinda is a pro at team building exercises, with both children and staff.  Some of the activities included, Track Walk (which the staff did also, very hilarious), Sea of Discontent, Trust Fall, River Crossing, Life Line, Toxic Waste, Island Escape and Turning Over a New Leaf.  The children really got into it and even taught Ms. Clarinda one that they made up!

3.  Dramatic Divas – This year the older girls really took to dramatic play.  They were very enthusiastic about writing and performing skits for the younger children, particularly on half and full days. The skits were about family relationships and everyday life and most were set in a psychologist’s office.  Megan R., as the psychologist, did an amazing job with the English accent she used.  A few of the kindergarten girls were even asked to play parts in some of the performances!

4.  Ronald McDonald House Bags – Our Tuesday night Sewing Club did a special community service project for the Ronald McDonald House. The club sewed by hand material to make the bags (with handles), then stuffed the bags with donations from our parents.  Items donated included crayons, coloring books, small toys and puzzles.  Not only did our children have fun sewing the bags, but they also enjoyed telling their parents about it and imaging how a little boy or girl would feel getting one of these bags at Christmas time.

5.  Secret Friend – During the holiday season the older kids decided to do something special for the kindergarteners. Every 4th – 6th grade boy and girl chose one kindergartner and became their secret friend. Once a week gifts were handmade (bracelets, cards, pompoms) by the older group and delivered by a teacher, until the fourth week when the secret friends were revealed. There were tons of thank you’s, smiles and hugs exchanged!


1.  CoCo Key Water Park Field Trip – On this fieldtrip the kids had the chance to play around in the Coco Key Waterpark for the day.  Many kids had a blast being able to swim around in the lazy river, ride the slides, and partake in all the other water endeavors Coco Key had to offer!

2.  The Pumpkin Patch Field Trip – The day at the pumpkin patch was memorable for our kids because they had the chance to be up and close near farm animals, go on a hay ride and most importantly, go pick their OWN PUMPKIN from the large pumpkin patch.  The kids really enjoyed being able to pick their own pumpkin rather than just being given one because they got to explore the patch searching for just the right one.

3.  The Crocheting Club – The kids really enjoyed participating in the crocheting club that we offered. Through what many people would argue as a lost art form, the kids got to make customizable scarves, headbands, and hats with the help of the club leader, Mrs. Debbie Taylor.

4.  PowerPlay Field Trip – On this chaotic field trip the children got to go off with their friends and play arcade games, cosmic bowling, and laser tag to name a few. At the end of the day, all of the kids rode home with a vast variety of prizes.

5.  The Sewing Club – Last but not certainly not least, the sewing club.  In the sewing club, the kids got to work with a thread and needle on their own AND an actual professional sewing machine with the help of Mrs. Nita Choplin.  The kids sewed their own little stuffed animals like cats, panda’s, frogs, and dogs. The kids really enjoyed being able to make something with their hands that they could take home and that they will always have to remember Kids Country.

Meadow Lane

1.  Spring Break Camp – Our Spring Break Camp this year was a huge success!  Once again, we had Camp Survivor, but with fun new twists that the kids really enjoyed.  Like last year, the kids were divided into groups, choosing their camp name and setting up their campsites.  This year though, the campers stepped up the fun with a decorated mailbox at each tent to communicate with other campers.  They designed compasses, learned knot techniques, had some great camp chants, went on two wonderful field trips, and had a blast!  On the last day we celebrated with an awards ceremony, and gave out lots of individual awards for all the hard work and great behavior of the campers.

2.  Pirate Days – Ahoy Mateys!  Our two Pirate Days were so much fun!  The entire staff and children really got into the pirate theme with clothing, pirate lingo, and designing our pirate ships.  Our kids had lots of fun with our life-size alligator, walking the plank, and our grand pirate tales of the high seas!  The two days left us all with many fun memories.

3.  Swimming at CoCo Key Resort – Next in our line-up of fun and memorable events was our day at CoCo Key Resort.  The Lazy River was a wonderful treat for the kids and staff!  In addition the slides and colorful atmosphere kept our kids excited and enthused.

4.  The Pumpkin Patch – Another great memory dating back to our fall semester was our trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  There was so much to see and do there from the playground, petting all the farm animals, and of course picking out our pumpkins!  We came home with wonderful pictures and great memories.

5.  Pilgrim and Native American Day – Rounding out Meadow Lane’s Top Five Memories would definitely be our celebration of the Pilgrims and Native Americans.  In the morning we all made turkeys on sleds and then in the afternoon had a great time racing them in the gym!  In addition, we played some great Native American games and watched a fun movie. This school year, 2011 and 2012, has been a great one for the Kid’s Country program at Meadow Lane!

Pleasant Lea

1.  Welcoming two new staff members this year – Miss Molly and Miss Krys.  We are so glad they joined our group. They bring so much to PLE!  They are very fun and nice to everyone.  Mrs. Sarah really appreciates having them and is glad they were here at the beginning of the year to run the site while she was spending time with her new baby!

2.  Carolyn’s Pumpkin Patch – This was such a fun field trip. The weather was fabulous and they had lots of great pumpkins for us to choose from to take home.  We also liked the hayride, petting all the animals and playing on the playground!

3.  Spring Break – Our spring break this year had a camping theme. We welcomed Highland Park and Prairie View Kids Country sites to our school for all the fun! We made our very own campsites, canteens, maps, medallions, camp site flags, and much more. We had so much fun hanging in our camps and the weather was beautiful so we got to spend lots of time outside getting fresh air, Vitamin D and exercise.

4.  Bowling – Every year going to Lunar Bowl is one of our favorite field trips. It is so cool to see everybody helping each other and cheering each other on, especially when we get a strike!

5.  Pirate and Super Hero Day – These two themed days were so much fun!  On pirate day we made Capt Jack Sparrow bandanas, hook hands, old fashioned maps, play ships and sailors and much more! On Super hero day we made up a hero we would be, came up with our powers, weaknesses, and what we would fight for or against.  Our favorite part was designing and making our very own capes!

 Prairie View

1.  St. Patrick’s Day Parade – We had lots of fun as a site preparing and walking in the St. Patrick’s Day parade this year.  There were a ton of things that had to be done and kids and staff worked together to pull it off.  We had a blast on Saturday when we walked as a whole group for our first year!  Our parents and kids had so much fun walking and riding on the float!  What a great family event it was.

2.  Great New Friendships – With our new kids at our site this year we saw many friendships grow between kids and staff!  We love all of our kids and the new challenges that are created each year with new friends, and we couldn’t see our program without them all!

3.  Spring Break – We got to spend a lot of one on one time with some of our kiddos this spring break.  It was a fun laid back atmosphere where we built new relationships with staff and children from other schools.

4.  Older Kids Walking Field Trip – We are blessed to be a school within distance to provide awesome walking trips to McDonald’s and Sonic for our older kids!  It’s always a highlight of our 3rd graders looking forward to the next year when they can go, and older kids start asking about it as soon as there is a hint of spring weather!

5.  Responsibility with our Kids –Kid’s responsibilities havegrown so much over this year.  We’ve implemented something that our kids have really taken hold of and that has grown their responsibility for their actions as they play.  They now know that if they are playing with a toy that they must make sure it gets put away before they leave or make sure it’s passed on to another friend who wants to play.  If not….they know the toy has been sent to toy jail!  The only way to rescue our precious friends from toy jail is to choose a bummer stick and complete community service kind of acts.  From cleaning out a toy basket to helping with snack clean up, the kids have really joined together to make sure that they remind friends to put things away before toys get sent to toy jail.  It’s great to see them work together to get toys out for their friends.


1.  Haunted House – Kids and staff painted, built and decorated it.  Mr. Matt and Mr. Brooks dressed up and would scare the kids and parents as they walked through.  Everyone had a great time.

2.  Pumpkin Patch This is always a fun field trip, taking the tours, looking for our pumpkins, playing on the playground and eating lunch outside.  It was a great fall day.

3.  Mr. Matt’s Last Day – May have been the saddest day of the year.  It was great seeing how much the kids and staff cared about him and miss him and how much he cared about the kids and families.

4.  Holiday Party – Always a big hit with the kids and staff.  Watching all the classic holiday movies, opening gifts for Kids Country from the kids, and seeing how excited the kids are for Christmas.

5.  Ice Cube Paint – The kids loved this project!  They did it for several days in a row and we continue to put it out as a surprise option.

Summit Pointe

1.  Spring Break Camp – The Summit Pointe Combo group had a great time during Spring Break.  We started off the week with a guest speaker, Joe Hessman, who is the Senior Commander of the Royal Ranger group at Crown Pointe.  Joe’s two sons, Tim and Sam came and talked to the students about how to set up a campsite and everything you would need to go on a campout.  The days following were spent coming up with campsite names, making medallions, a camp flag, coming up with a chant, and playing new games, and singing around the campfire.  The students also enjoyed going to Xtreme Gymnastics and seeing the Lorax. They were excited when they received their awards for having good character, keeping their campsite clean, and being a good leader.  Our staff and students all had a great week!

2.  Full Days at Summit Pointe – The students and parents both have talked about the great times that we had during our full days.  On each full day there was a theme and movie to follow.  Some of the themes were Candy Land Day, Alice in Wonderland Day, Pirate Day, and Native American Day, to name a few.  Each day was spent dressing up, making themed crafts, and playing themed games.  In the computer lab the students did themed activities, and in the activity center they did other themed activities such as interactive Candy Land.  Each day the students were able to have a photo opportunity with the backdrops provided.  During our Native American Day we had a guest speaker, Paula Young, Ms. Patti’s sister, come speak to the students about her Cherokee heritage.

3.  Field Trips – Field Trips are always a favorite.  The studentsenjoyed going bowling at Lunar Bowl, skating at Landmark, Johnson’s Pumpkin patch, and most of all they enjoyed going swimming at CoCo Key in November.  The students had such a great time!

4.  Club Time – Club time proved to be fun this year.  Ms. Lauren did Sewing Club, Mr. Jesse did a Spanish Club, Ms. Gwen did a Reading Club, and Mr. Chris did a Sports Club.  The kids all enjoyed themselves as they learned new things during Club Time.

5.  Snow Days – Snow Days round up our top five as we only had two this year.  The kids enjoyed Meet the Flintstones and Safari Days.  They did crafts, played games and had an opportunity to make friends with the students from Hawthorn Hill and Trailridge.

Sunset Valley

1.  CoCo Key Field Trip -Our field trip to CoCo Key was one of the favorites.  The kids had a blast in the lazy river, going down the waterslides, playing in the activity pool, and of course the lunch we had there!

2.  Power Play Field Trip -Our field trip to Power Play was a huge success.  The kids had a blast spending all of their money, riding the go-carts, the tilt a whirl, and of course the prize room.

3.  Spring Break Camp – Spring Break Camp was also a big hit!  We really enjoyed hanging out in our tents, sitting around the fire listening to Mr. Kennys’ stories, and our field trips to Xtreme Fitness and to see The Lorax in 3D.

4.  Areas – Our kids love areas.  They love being outside, going to computer lab, and doing the fun activities.

5.  Pirate Day – We had a Pirate Day and our kids loved it!  We made Jolly Rogers, Pirate Maps, took our picture with a mustache and a Pirate Hat.  We also went on a Treasure Hunt and had a blast.


1.  Holidays at TR KC – The children decorated the teacher’s lounge for the holiday season and had their annual Christmas Store.  Thank you to the continuing support of our wonderful parents.

2.  Community Project – Donations from the students and parents were collected and taken to Wayside Waifs.  The collection included treats, blankets, toys and peanut butter.

3.  Continuing our “Healthy Kids Program” – Ms. Kellee, Originator of Kidz Tribe has a new DVD.  “Let’s Move” inspired by the First Lady.  This is one of the new exercise venues we have added to our morning program.

4.  The Older Kids Club – 4th Grade and up boys and girls have a new club this year.  They have their own seating area and place for privacy.  They may do their homework in this area and there are also activities they can choose from such as:  scrapbooking, weaving, manicures, and choices which are approved by the Staff.

5.  Projects and Field Trips – All of the great projects in our Curriculum Book and the wonderful field trips.


1.  Mitochondrial Walk-A-Thon – Our Kids were interested in learning about mitochondrial disease.  They were very curious about the disease and asked many questions.  The staff and kids enjoyed raising money and walking in the walk-a-thon.

2.  Power Play – This was the first time a lot of our kids have been to Power Play.  They had fun playing games and riding rides. Their favorite part was getting two pieces of pizza and a dessert pizza.  The staff also enjoyed playing games with the kids!

3.  Flat Stanley – In December many of the kids sent out a Flat Stanley.  Their Flat Stanley went all over the world to places like Japan, a Red Sox Game and Canada.  It was fun to learn about the exciting experiences Flat Stanley had!

4.  Spring Break Camp – This year we spent Spring Break at Hazel Grove.  The kids loved building tents in the cafeteria.  During snack the kids looked forward to hearing which group or person got an award.  One of the highlights during spring break was getting to watch The Lorax in 3-D!

5.  Staff vs. Kids Volleyball Game – Every year in March the staff at Underwood play against the 6th graders. Our kids enjoy watching this game and love to cheer on their teacher or classmate!


1.  Race Cars -Last year at Southland we learned how to build cars from fruits, vegetables, toothpicks and kabob sticks.  We added this as an activity for Race Car Day.  The kids built and raced their fruit and veggie cars.

2.  Dances – Dances- During one of the half days, the kids wanted to invent and perform their own dances.  The kids loved it and almost everyone participated.

3.  Extreme Gym – This was a great field trip.  The children loved running around and jumping at their own pace. They spent some much needed free time just being kids.  Staff loved it too!

4.  Mardi Gras Parade – All the kids made their own mask, complete with feathers, glitter, and sequins.  At the end of February, this was a welcome break from winter.  We paraded through the halls and the teachers in the building waved to everyone.  We also learned the meaning of “Fat Tuesday” with a special chocolate treat for snack.

5.  Pirate Day – At our Combo Site for two full days kids dressed up like pirates, built pirate ships, and even went on a treasure hunt.


1.  Wii/Just Dance – I would have to say that one of my favorite memories being here is when we would have our Wii out and play Just Dance.   Everyone would dance, including the boys, such a funny thing to watch.

2.  Fire Department Prairie Township Fire Department came out for a visit with their fire truck and ambulance.  One firefighter came into our room in full fireproof suit and gear.  He sounded like Darth Vader with his mask and oxygen tank.

3.  Spring Break Camp – Spring Break Camp was so much fun with the children building tents and the telling of scary/funny stories around the “campfire”.   The kids loved writing letters and mailing them to one another in their homemade mailboxes.

4.  Halloween Party – This was a favorite of our children with “Ghosts in the Graveyard” gym game and the mummy wrap with toilet paper and dressing up in their costumes.

5.  Power Play – We had a lot of fun on our field trip to Power Play.  The kids absolutely loved having the amount of freedom they did while they were there.  Some of their favorite activities seemed to be the attractions, especially the laser tag and the Go Karts.  They also enjoyed getting tickets from the games and cashing them in for goofy prizes, especially the fake mustaches.

KC Cubbies

1.  Faulkner’s Pumpkin Patch – Our first field trip was to Faulkner’s Pumpkin Patch.  For many of our kids it was their first time at a pumpkin patch.  It was wonderful to see the excitement on their faces when they got to feed the animals, ride the hay wagon and pick pumpkins.

2.  Halloween Parade in the Building – It was fun seeing all of our cubbies in their costumes trick-or-treating around the school.

3.  Fish Naming Contest and Vote – The cubbies came up with some very inventive names: Batman for the black one, Macaroni for the orange one and Guacamole for the spotted one.  After their long vacation at Mr. Brad’s house to hear the kids exclamations of wow because they had gotten so big!

 4.  Going on a Dinosaur Hunt – We put dinosaur footprints around the building and had the kids followed his trail, leading them to their yummy snack of dinosaur gummies!

5.  Fire Department Visit – The children were so excited about seeing the big truck and the firemen in their suits.


1.  Free Movie Day – We held a free movie day after school to promote our program and introduce it to the students.  We popped popcorn, had snacks and projected the move “Elf” on a huge screen.  We had over 50 students attend!!!  30 more than expected!!!

2.  Spring Break – We had several new students sign up for spring break.  It was AMAZING to see how they developed with our students with special needs.  I truly believe through this experience all students had some life changing moments.

3.  Ping Pong – We had a blast getting the kids to play ping pong.  Most of the kids got involved and got to be pretty good at it!

4.  Walks to the Park – Behind PLMS there is a city park with a playground, tennis courts and a handball court.  On beautiful days we spent some time hiking to the park and playing games.  We even got kids to go with us that normally wouldn’t go!!!

5.  Watching Basketball – During the NCAA Basketball Tourney we projected the games up on a 100ft. screen in the gym.  Since most of our older kids liked watching it we figured it would be a great activity.  It was also fun playing basketball while the games were playing on the gym screen.